Mar 22

Latest Single Is Available For Download!

Feb 26

My New Single Is Released!

Download for free now at!

Feb 16

My Debut Album is Finally Here!!

Download for free now at!

And the official trailer:

Feb 11

Album Teaser

Feb 10

New Song (Collaboration)

A new song I am working on as a side project with a friend:

“DJ Sanctified and His Mystical Drummer – Boss Battle”
(Click below to play the sample)


Upcoming lyrics (so far):

Boss battle happening again.
You can’t take us out even with three thousand men.
We’re face down and pushing through.
We’ll take you out. Every single one of you.

We live to fight for today
and tomorrow we will celebrate our victory.
You can’t win, so why even try
When you know the outcome is you’re gonna die?

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